About BNBbuddy

BNBBuddy offers short term property management services/benefits for property owners. 

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Our Mission

With a mission to deliver a personalised five-star shot term stay experience, BNBBuddy goes above and beyond for every guest. We put a tremendous amount of time, effort and care into managing your listing and hosting your guests because we know that when hosts create unforgettable experiences this leads to glowing 5-star reviews. This increases the demand for your property, resulting in higher occupancy rates and ultimately providing you with more income. At BNBbuddy, we understand this balance, which is why we will be India s leading property management services for short term property rentals.

How it all began

As passionate short term property rentals hosts, we founded BNBBuddy to solve our own pain point and to bring freedom to hosts. Airbnb was experiencing tremendous growth in major cities of India and with all of this in mind we started BNBBuddy. 

Our Philosophy

We believe in the concept of hands-off hosting, which is why we take over the entire management of your home and look after it like it’s our own. At BNBbuddy, your preferences are always respected, whether it’s about your property, guests or availability. It’s your home, we simply manage the details to help it reach its full potential.

We're opening new doors

BNBbuddy has been growing quickly, as more property owners switch from housing long-term tenants to hosting more lucrative short-term tenants. Our convenient Airbnb management services are available through major cities of India.

Our Experience

BNBbuddy was the first to market when Airbnb launched in India and since then we have managed hundreds of unique properties, making thousands of guests feel at home all across India. With a skilled and knowledgeable team we understand the sharing economy and we know what listings will work. We respond quickly to enquiries so you never miss a booking, we focus on the small luxury touches that make a house feel like a home, and we handle the logistics of everything, guaranteeing that you earn more income than going it alone. We have also invested in sophisticated back-end technology that allows us to deliver the highest quality hosting experience. BNBBuddy takes the work and the worry out of short-term rental management, providing property owners with a completely hassle-free hosting experience. With BNBBuddy, Airbnb management is simple, safe and lucrative.